Getting Back On Track

Hello my lovely readers! I have changed the name of this blog to Health and Beauty for a few reasons. Firstly, it is so I can have a broader range of things to write about. Secondly because writing about healthy eating, exercise and tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle while being a student will keep me motivated, especially as I’ve put on some weight since being home from University for Christmas! I am very excited to share my healthy living experiences with you all, especially as it will keep me motivated myself.

Loads of people have asked me how I managed to lose over a stone between January and November 2013. I didn’t need to starve myself or diet, I just changed my lifestyle to a more healthy one.
jan to may 11.5lbs
January to May 2013 11.5lbs lost
It all started in January 2013, when I had been with my boyfriend for over a year and a half so I became comfortable. This involved eating loads of junk food as well as being lazy staying in all the time and not exercising. Everyone does that “New year new me” thing when it comes to New Years resolutions, but that time I was really determined to change. It was when I looked back on photos of myself at a birthday meal in a dress that January that I realised how much weight I had actually put on in the past year or so.
I had already joined the gym a few months before, but as I was still eating junk food and not healthily I put on more weight rather than losing it. I downloaded an app called MyFitnessPal and began to track calories and the exercise I was doing. This app is amazing, it helps you keep on track because its on your phone and it tells you all the things you need to know to make sure you have had a healthy day and kept to your plan. It’s so easy – you just put in the weight you are, what weight you want to be and how much you want to lose a week. It then tells you how many calories you’re allowed a day and then you just add food and exercise to the diary.
It was also really useful having a goal to work towards. Mine was that I wanted to have a nice body for my bikini in California in the summer. Having a goal really spurs you on, once you get to that goal then find another goal to keep the healthy eating going.
I also find having a healthy lifestyle is good for your mental health. I feel rubbish after a day of eating junk food and sitting around doing nothing. Being active and eating good food makes you feel happier in yourself. I have had a bit of a bad couple of weeks since I’ve come home from University for Christmas. But now I feel quite rubbish because of it and this has motivated me to get back on track.
At Uni I go to the gym a few times a week, it helps having flat mates who go as well because it means we motivate each other to go even if we don’t feel like it that day. It really helps to surround yourself with people like this! I also find yoga really helps as well, it makes me feel really healthy and revitalised after a yoga session (I use the app “Yoga Studio” which was recommended to me by a flatmate). I also like following Blogilates on YouTube and Facebook as she is amazing at motivating you to exercise and eat healthily! It also helps having no temptation at Uni as I am doing my own shopping, so I just buy as healthy stuff as possible. Obviously, you’re allowed naughty days once a week or a treat during the day like a small chocolate bar – you would drive yourself insane otherwise!
January to November 1 stone 2lbs lost
January to November 1 stone 2lbs lost
So, I hope this blog helps to motivate you and keep you on track as much as it will for me. Now I am getting back on track myself, I will try to blog my progress and any other useful things I find which help me to stay on track with my healthier lifestyle. More healthy living blogs to come soon!

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