DIY Healthy Recipe Book

One of the hardest things to do when trying to change to a healthy lifestyle is organising and planning healthy meals, snacks and treats.

I went into Hobbycraft today to buy a binded notebook and some other materials to create my own recipe book. I plan on filling it with my favourite recipes that are healthy, low in calories and delicious!

It makes it more motivating by getting creative and making the recipe book yourself. I bought these cute little stickers that are pictures of baking utensils and cupcakes. Making it yourself will make it more personal and that will make you want to use it more!

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I’ve got the recipes from a variety of places. Some online, some in cook books, some in magazines and some I’ve learnt growing up. But in all of them I try to make them as healthy as possible. For example, I exchange full fat yogurt and cheese for low fat versions. Choosing the recipes yourself mean you can vary it depending on your diet. I’m a vegetarian so all the dishes inside are suitable for veggies. You can also write the recipe depending on what ingredients you like and don’t like. I took a few ingredients out of mine, including mushrooms and lettuce which I personally don’t like!

That’s the main benefit of this personal recipe book, because it is made and planned by you it is full of healthy food that you will like. It will make it easier to organise your healthy eating so that you don’t go for the easy option of getting a takeaway or shoving a pizza in the oven!

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