How To Stay Healthy At University

I’m now back at Uni for semester two and I am determined to try and carry on healthy eating and exercising while I am here. Money and time might be an obstacle, but it is still possible! I thought I’d share some useful tips on how I try to stay healthy while I am at Uni.

♥ Surround yourself with motivational people
As I said in a blog before, I am so lucky to have flat mates that also enjoy eating healthily and going to the gym. This means on bad days where one of us can’t be bothered to go to the gym, the others are motivation to go. It also means we can give each other helpful tips on being healthy like what food to buy and what exercise to do. Surrounding yourself with these people will help you keep on track.

♥ Plan your time
Being a student you will probably have work to do. I try and plan my week around studying AND the gym or working out. If I don’t have a lecture I study and then I go to the gym in the evening. Or I try and fit the gym in around my lectures. Working out is a great stress buster and makes you feel amazing afterwards. This will mean you will feel better and therefore will probably study better! That’s what I find. If you don’t have time to have a proper gym session, then get a work out DVD or download an app so that you can do at least some exercise every day. “Divina Fit in 15” is brilliant for this as it has a range of intense work outs that last 15 minutes.

♥ Plan your meals
Not only does this mean you can stick to healthy eating, but it is also a good money saver too! If you plan your meals and work out the ingredients you need before going to the supermarket, you are less likely to buy unneeded things.

♥  Buy the Bargains
Try and look for the bargain buys when you go shopping. Hunt for deals. This means looking at whether it’s cheaper to buy a readymade bag of veg or buying it all individually. It usually works out cheaper to make your own meals rather than buying ready meals as you will have leftovers that you can put in the fridge or freezer for another day.

♥ Treat yourself
The trick is not to be too hard on yourself! You are allowed to treat yourself and not feel guilty for doing so. If you are changing your diet to a healthier one you will drive yourself crazy if you don’t treat yourself once in a while. Just do it in moderation because eating loads of chocolate and sweets everyday isn’t going to help.

I hope this helps you keep on track of a healthy lifestyle while being at University. Thank you for reading my Health and Beauty blog!

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