Perfect Valentine’s Day Makeup

With the 14th of February just around the corner, you girls are probably already planning your outfits for that romantic date, cosy night in or even just an anti-valentines girl’s night out. Whether you want a natural glow, a gorgeous girly look or a chic alternative style, I’ve got the makeup tips for you.  Click on the links throughout the article to see my reviews of some of the products.

Getting Your Skin Ready
When you’re applying makeup, it’s always a good idea to have nice, clean skin to put it on. Firstly, get rid of all the dead skin cells and excess oils with an exfoliator. My absolute favourite exfoliator is Simple’s Oil Balancing Exfoliator. It feels amazing, contains witch hazel and has no added perfumes or colours so it is great for your skin.  Follow this up by cleansing and toning your skin. Again, my favourite brand for these products is Simple because it just makes your skin feel amazingly soft. Then apply a moisturizer all over your face and neck. I find that Simple’s Oil Balancing moisturiser is a great base for make up as it keeps your skin looking matte all day.

Applying Foundation
This can be a base for all three of the looks. Before applying foundation, it’s a good idea to use a concealer to cover up any skin discolouration, blemishes or dark circles under your eyes. You don’t need to absolutely cake your face in foundation, not only is that bad for your skin as it blocks pores but it doesn’t look that good either. BB Creams are really good to use as a foundation as they are extremely lightweight, usually contain SPF and they look very natural as they blend into your skin. I’ve tried a few BB Creams and my personal favourite is L’Oréal Paris “Nude Magique” BBCream. Don’t be scared by the fact the cream is white, it turns into a foundation as it touches your skin and this provides even, natural looking coverage. You can either apply this straight to your face or you can put some on the back of your hand and then dab it on with a makeup sponge. You can leave it there or you can apply a small amount of powder on top with a powder brush for total coverage without building it up too much.

Natural Glow

Natural Valentine's Day
There isn’t really much more to do for this look after following the step above so this look is good for girls who don’t have much time to get ready. Smile at yourself in the mirror to find the apples of your cheeks and apply L’Oréal’s “Le Blush” in Sandalwood Pink with a blush brush.

The NYC “Best of Broadway” eye shadow palette is perfect for the natural look. Apply the lightest neutral, peachy colour to your lid and then the slightly darker neutral beige colour to the crease of your eyelid for slight definition, but not a too over the top look.

The definite go-to mascara is Maybelline’s Great Lash. Apply one coat to your eyelashes to define them. Before applying any product to your lips, exfoliate them with Lush’s “Mint Julips” lip scrub to get off any dry skin and excess foundation that has stuck to them. The perfect lipstick to accompany a natural look is Soap and Glory’s “Pom Pom”. Before applying, put some lipbalm on first and this will help it glide on. Dabbing your lips on some tissue will leave a gorgeous pink tint to your lips for a more natural look. Voila, a natural valentine’s day look. Perfect for a cosy night in watching films with your other half.
Gorgeous and Girly
For this look, use the same blusher as in the natural glow look as it gives a lovely pink tint to your cheeks. Use Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in 100% Black to thinly line your upper lashes. You can add a wing if you like, it will make your eyelashes look longer if you do. Curl your eyelashes and then apply one coat of mascara to make your eyes stand out.

Exfoliate your lips using the Lush scrub mentioned above, apply lip balm and then apply Maybelline’s “Colour sensational” shine gloss in “Glorious Grapefruit”. This gives a gorgeous, shiny coral pink colour to your lips which is ultra girly. It also smells amazing, which will make your lips seem extra kissable!

Chic Alternative
alternative Valentines Day

Again use the same blusher as before. Back to the NYC “Best of Broadway” palette, apply the lightest colour to your lids and the beige colour to your eye crease as explained in the natural glow look. But this time take the dark brown colour and apply this across the outside corner of your eyelid and blend it in for a more eye-popping look. Use Rimmel’s Exaggerate Eyeliner in 100% Black to line your top lashes. You can go as thin or as thick as you like, but make sure to add an exaggerated wing for the ultimate alternative look. Apply mascara as explained above. Go for the same lip routine, but this time you can apply Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick in 01 which is an awesome bright red colour. This is perfect for an alternative girl as it stands out a lot but is in a nice romantic red colour.

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