Fitting Exercise Around A Busy Lifestyle

It is so hard trying to stick to an exercise routine when life keeps getting in the way. Being a journalism student sometimes I find assignments, articles, interviews, lectures and studying starts to build up as well as working a part time job and finding some me time. This means sometimes I don’t have time for my usual gym sessions 3x a week. Sometimes I am so exhausted from Uni, work and my personal life that I don’t have the energy or the mind-set to get on a bike machine or a treadmill then lift weights for an hour.

It is really demotivating and disheartening when you know you won’t be able to go to the gym or stick to your exercise plan. But just doing some kind of exercise is good. You have to remember you haven’t failed just because you haven’t been to the gym. Luckily for you, I have some tips on keeping on top of exercise when you haven’t got much time. And let’s be honest, sometimes sticking to the same exercise routine gets a bit boring. Let’s shake it up a bit.

Buy a DVD
If you have a bit of spare cash, it is well worth investing in a good fitness DVD. None of this FAD “Let’s lose a stone in a week” malarkey. My personal favourite for fitness DVD’s are the ones by Davina McCall. I own “Davina Fit” which is only £14.99 on amazon and “Davina Fit in 15” which is £13.00 on amazon. They are both so good. Especially Fit in 15 which literally takes 15 minutes of your day, that is nothing! This is brilliant for fitting around a busy schedule as you can do 15 minutes or add loads of the 15 minute sections together to create a longer workout. I do this when I’m bored of just going to the gym or when I don’t have much time. Davina makes it fun and it doesn’t feel like a workout until you realise how much you’re sweating!

Get a Fitness Blender Account
Ah, Fitness Blender. This website is god-sent. You don’t need an account, but if you have one you can save your favourite workouts. You can search workouts that are tailored to your needs. As I’ve said before I can’t do ab crunches because I have a back injury from a horse-riding accident that flares up if I do, so this website is good for working on my abs without needing a machine. There are some brilliant yoga and Pilates videos on here too, they’re so relaxing but are good for strength and flexibility. You can choose the length of the workout you want to do, most of the ones I do aren’t more than 15 minutes, so again that is only 15 minutes out of your whole day. I usually use some of the videos after the gym or a more intense work out too, to add a bit of toning without using flashy gym weight machines.

Make every day activities a workout
Walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift, try not to be sat down all the time, clean the house, just do anything active that gets you off the sofa. It might not be good if you want to lose weight, but it’s still burning more calories (even if it’s a few) than you would be just watching TV.

Get on YouTube
Find free fitness gurus on YouTube. I absolutely LOVE Blogilates. She doesn’t just upload workout videos, she also uploads clean eating recipes, tips and challenges that keep you motivated. She’s so bubbly and fun too, she doesn’t make being healthy seem like a chore.

Sign Up for Pinterest
Pinterest can be very motivating for any fitness fanatics. There are tons of print-out workouts which are easy to do in your living room. In fact, I found a really good arm workout on there that takes about 10 minutes so I do it when I haven’t got time to do a full workout. It still makes you sweat, tone up and burn some calories even when it doesn’t cost a penny!

Walk, Jog, Run
Take the dog for a walk, go for a walk as a family, jog or run if you can. I take the dog for a walk with my family every Saturday for over an hour, which according to “My Fitness Pal” burns a ton of calories. It’s also good family time and the dog gets a good run about.

Don’t let the fact you don’t have time to stick to a routine put you off exercising. There are ways to fit it all around a schedule and ways to make it more fun than doing the same thing every day at the gym.

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