My “Good Day” Food Diary

I’ve had a bit of a health kick this week. I have been getting up at 8am everyday to go to the gym, been counting calories and eating as healthily as possible. It has made me feel really good which is really motivating. It means I’m tired enough to get a reasonably early night every night too which is a bonus.

As I’ve said before, My Fitness Pal is really good for tracking what you eat and calorie counting (if that is what you are doing). It’s really efficient and you can take it anywhere on your phone.

Today has been a good day for me even though I didn’t go to the gym because I had an early lecture. I thought I would share my food diary with you all; hopefully this gives you a few ideas for meals and a bit of inspiration.

♥ Breakfast – Half a tablespoon of smooth peanut butter on “Nimble” wholemeal toast, one kiwi and half a glass of cranberry and raspberry juice

Peanut Butter on Toast
I didn’t eat breakfast before my lecture (naughty, I know) but I did eat some when I got back from it at about 10:30. Not eating breakfast is a bad idea as it means you are more likely to get an urge to snack during the morning until lunch time, which is not good!
If you’re going to eat carbs, such as bread, it is better to eat them in the morning so you can use and burn off the energy throughout the day.
Two table spoons of peanut butter contains 7 grams of protein according to This makes it a really good choice for breakfast as you will be fuller for longer which helps with weight loss. Peanut butter is also full of the “healthy” fats, which your body needs.
It is also better to drink fruit juice with a meal rather than on its own because of the sugars. I know there is this whole thing about sugars in fruit juice being bad for you at the moment which has taken the media by storm, but you can’t tell me fruit juice is worse than a chocolate bar! At least in juice it is natural sugar and has a lot more health benefits than a chocolate bar would have.
I am addicted to kiwis at the moment. I’m not usually a fruit eater but it is all about finding a fruit you love, and I love kiwis!

♥ Lunch – Tesco healthy living range lentil and vegetable soup, 1.5 slices of “nimble” wholemeal toast and one kiwi


I absolutely love the Tesco healthy living range soups. They’re so full of flavour but low in sugar, fat and calories. For half a tin it is only 78 calories.
Again, I had the “nimble” whole meal bread because it is only 51 calories a slice. I was meant to have two slices but one of them broke in half in the toaster so I only had one and a half! I feel less guilty eating this bread, I used to only eat white bread but that isn’t so good for you if you are trying to eat healthily.
As I said above, I am addicted to kiwis and I was craving something sweet. A kiwi was the answer to my cravings.

♥ Dinner – Red pepper, spring onion and half fat cheese omelette, homemade chips and salad


I absolutely love omelettes, my Dad taught me how to make them and it is a recipe I go back to pretty much once a week.
I parboil one small potato that is cut into long chunks. I spray a baking tray with fry light then but the potato on it and pop it in the oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes is up I turn the chips over and put it back in the oven for a further 15 minutes. During the second 15 minute section, I fry one red pepper and three spring onions in Frylight (one calorie per spray!) in a frying pan. I then whisk two eggs and a splash of milk in a jug. When the vegetables are looking a bit golden I chuck the egg mixture in the pan too with some black pepper and some herbs.
When the omelette looks like it has cooked underneath, but is still a bit wobbly on top, I
put the half fat cheese on one half of the omelette and place it under the grill for few minutes until it isn’t wobbly anymore and the cheese has melted. Serve with the homemade chips and salad for a meal that comes in at just 450 calories. I also usually have it with extra light mayo as you can see in the picture.

For desert, I had 1/5 of The Collective Great Dairy’s gourmet mango yoghurt. I was way under my calorie goal for the day, so felt like I could treat myself to 140 calories of luxurious mango flavoured goodness.

♥ Snacks –Metcalfe’s skinny popcorn, weight watchers Jaffa cake bar and 2 custard creams

I try to stick to just three snacks a day that are relatively low in calories. Any other time I feel a bit peckish I have a cup of tea with calorie free sweetener.
Metcalfe’s sweet and salty skinny popcorn is so good. 12.5 grams of it fights that sweet craving but only has 58 calories.
Weight watchers snacks are really good for people who like chocolate. Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, their Jaffa cake bars taste just like the real thing at only 75 calories.
Now, to explain the 2 custard creams! Me and one of my flat mates were sitting in the kitchen working when we decided to have a cup of tea. She got her custard creams out and offered me a couple. As I said in a previous blog, you are allowed to treat yourself. It is not a setback. Two custard creams aren’t going to make you obese or unhealthy. So I had two to treat myself after a stressful week of Uni work and I will not punish myself for it as the rest of my day has been healthy.

So there you go – my food diary of a good, healthy day. Now to relax so I can actually get up at 8am for the gym tomorrow!

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