Hawaiian Tropic Review

Today I am blogging from my sun lounger in the back garden as it is so lovely and hot here. Having such a hot day in England during May is rare, but today has been perfect sunbathing weather. When I think summer, I think coconut. Hawaiian Tropic’s products are the perfect sunbathing companion.

I’m not one of those people that can just tan (I blame that on the fact I have some Scottish in my blood) and when I do tan I go a light, golden brown colour rather than a dark tan. In fact, I didn’t even get my first proper tan until I was on holiday in Turkey at the age of 15. For some reason, I just don’t tan in English sun. Well that all changed last summer when I bought my first (but certainly not last!) bottle of Hawaiian Tropic’s Protective Dry Spray Oil. It smells of luxurious coconut and leaves your skin feeling soft after a day of lying in the sun. It comes in a range of SPFs so you know your skin is protected. The only downside is it leaves your skin sticky after application because it’s an oil, so I would recommend washing it off before putting clothes on as they will stick to your skin.
I usually will only use the tanning oil if I am actually sunbathing. When I’m outside in the sun, but not purposely trying to tan, I will use the Protective Sun Spray Lotion. It’s also good for swimming as it is very water resistant. It’s made of a blend of skin nourishing antioxidants and botanicals so it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. This sun lotion doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky like the oil so it is perfect for when you are on the move and it smells good too.

After a day in the sun, it is vital that you moisturise your skin. I love Hawaiian Tropic’s After Sun Body Butter in “Exotic Coconut”. It hydrates your skin, leaving it feeling nourished and moisturised. It comes in a big tub too so it lasts a while even after applying it to your whole body.

Coconut is definitely my favourite scent for the summer, it reminds me of my holiday in California last summer. Enjoy the sunshine!

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