Four Years On & Stronger Than Ever

I guess as a health and beauty blogger, mental health kind of falls in to my area of expertise. I’ve only ever written two articles, out of the hundreds, about my mental health. Today felt like a good day to write a third. Let you all in a bit on what’s going on.

Four years ago, I was on Year 10 work experience at The News in Portsmouth in the middle of doing my GCSE revision. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder. My Dad called me an ambulance because I couldn’t breathe and then I was given an emergency appointment with a mental health team.

This Monday, I will be going back to The News to do work experience again. Four years after I was told I probably wouldn’t be able to finish school and therefore probably wouldn’t ever be able to be a journalist.

But yet, here I am. I finished school. I even finished college. And I have just finished my first year of doing an amazing journalism degree at the University of Winchester.

Yeah, I’m nervous about doing work experience again. But who wouldn’t be? I guess I’m just the “normal” kind of nervous. It’s the kind of nervous butterflies and sleepless nights that come with the realisation that being a grownup has just become slightly more real.

I guess I’m living proof that life does get better. Even after being diagnosed with a mental health problem.

Now, I literally could not be prouder of myself. Four years ago it felt like my life was over. Like I would never achieve anything I ever dreamt of. But guess what? I have proved everyone that ever told me I couldn’t do something because of my mental health problem that they were SO wrong.

Never give up, I promise it does get better.

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