New Year, New Work Out Routine!

It’s another New Year, so why don’t we make this “New Year, New Me” saying worthwhile. Take advantage of starting afresh by changing up your work out routine. Try to do different things everyday, as it gets boring and drains motivation if an exercise routine involves the same thing everyday. Working on each area of your body will result in overall toning and fitness.

♥ Stretch it Monday
Start of your week with 15 minutes of yoga in the morning straight after getting up using the Yoga Studio App. 15 minutes of generic yoga burns only 43 calories, but it will strengthen and tone your body while setting you up for the day. Also do 15 minutes of yoga before bed to relax yourself after a stressful Monday.You can see my thoughts on the app here.

♥ Mix It Up Tuesday
Start with 30 minutes of cardio to burn some calories, whether it’s on a bike machine or going for a run.

Then move on to the arms, bums and tums. Do whichever moves that suit you. Personally I start with bicep curls, and then move on to squats and hundreds before finishing with tabletops and upright rows.

♥ Stress Buster Wednesday
There is still 2 days until the weekend, so this evening burn off that stress with 15 minutes of “Divina Fit in 15” DVD. It’s full of 15 minutes intense exercises and you can pick what body area you want to work on. Have a look at my thoughts on this DVD here.

Then do fitness blender’s Yoga and Pilates blend to stretch out. You can find that here.

♥ Mix It Up Thursday
The same as mix it up Tuesday.

♥ Burn It Off Friday
Start with 30 minutes of cardio. Then move on to 15 minutes of the “Divina Fit in 15” arm work out before finishing off with 15 minutes of yoga from the Yoga Studio App.

♥ Speed Walk Saturday
Today, instead of doing a hard work out, just speed walk. Take the dog, take a friend, take the family, just walk for at least 45 minutes.

♥ Relax Sunday
It’s rest day!

Let me know what your favourite part of you work out routine is on Twitter.Untitled design-2

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