Oily Skin & Blocked Pores? Quick Fix Facials Review

As I said in my blog yesterday, in my L’Oreal Infallible Matte review, my skin has been a huge problem recently. It went from being too dry to being too oily as I chopped and changed my skin care routine.

One thing I have learnt is that nothing beats a good face mask once or twice a week. I try to only exfoliate my face once or twice a week, so an exfoliating face mask is ideal for me. I picked up Quick Fix Facials’ Exfoliating Scrub Mask and Anti-Blemish Mud Mask from the supermarket this weekend. The brightly coloured packaging and bold writing sold it to me straight away, along with the promise of a “quick fix”(as I have a busy schedule).
My favourite out of the two is the Exfoliating Scrub Mask. It cleared my skin instantly by unblocking my pores. It smoothed out the scaliness on my T-zone, caused by the oiliness of my skin. I left it on for the full 10 minutes as it smells so good. The ingredient Pink Rose Clay not only smells good, but it acts as a cleanser on your skin leaving it soft and clean feeling.
I also loved the Anti-blemish mud mask. It works perfectly for my skin type and totally mattified my skin. After using it my pores looked visibly smaller. The ingredient Dead Sea Mud helped to control the oil in my skin, but it did not dry my skin out at all. Sometimes I find masks dry my skin out too much, but this one was perfect.
The only downside I found with the Anti-blemish Mud Mask was that when I accidentally left it on longer than the recommended 10 minutes, it left my skin red and burning. However, the next time I used it for the recommended time it did not do this. Learn from my mistake, don’t keep it on longer than the recommended time!
I loved both these Quick Fix Facials, and they certainly are a quick fix! I found it so easy to just relax for 10 minutes with one of these on in-between being in the newsroom, waitressing and keeping an active lifestyle. So next time you are having problems with your skin, grab one of these for the best results.

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