Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Varnish Review

Every girl longs for the day when her at home manicure will dry quickly, look fabulous and last a long time, without the expensive UV lamps or salon visits. I think Barry M have found the answer with the Sunset Daylight Curing nail varnish.

At first I was sceptical. How can a normal nail varnish cure like a gel without a UV lamp? But I was proven wrong straight after application.

I bought the colour “Like a Nude” and the top coat in the golden bottle. I didn’t want to buy all the colours before trying it out, just incase it was too good to be true.  It applies really nicely as it has a smooth consistency. You only need two thin layers of colour coat before applying the top coat. Each layer dries really quickly too, so no more waiting around for hours while your nails dry.
After application, your nails are already hi-shine and glossy with a glassy feel, just like when you have gel or shellac nails done at the salon. The nude colour is slightly too sheer for my liking, and it was too light for my skin tone. But other than that it is a great nail varnish. I have since bought the colour “Peach for the stars”.

I painted my nails 3 days ago and they have started chipping already. However this is probably because I was working at the weekend which caused it to chip. This Daylight Curing range from Barry M is a much quicker alternative to normal nail varnish and gives a better finish too.

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