Silentnight “The Meaning of Dreams” Campaign: My Dream Box

Silentnight contacted me recently about their “The Meaning of Dreams” campaign, where they sent me a “dream box” full of things to help me sleep and record my dreams. This will help me have a more mindful approach to sleeping, as I will be making a conscious effort to record and make sense of my dreams.

I have done a mindfulness course before when I was having treatment for my anxiety and panic disorder 4 or so years ago, but mindful sleeping is quite new to me. I am hoping it will help me to sleep better if I can interpret my dreams.

I have always found it hard to sleep, as since I was little falling asleep has made me quite anxious.

I often do what I call “sleep running” where I run away from what ever scary thing I am dreaming about, usually I wake up in another room confused about why I am there as I was in bed when I fell asleep.

Even now at 21 living in our own flat, as soon as my fiancé leaves for work at 6:45am I am wide awake because I don’t like being asleep when I am alone in case I have a “jumpy” dream. I won’t even get into telling you about the time I screamed in my sleep at his house when we first started seeing each other 4 years ago, as waking his whole family up was embarrassing enough!

I also struggle to fall asleep if my fiancé has already fallen asleep, and when I lived at home if all my family had gone to bed before me it was the same. Only recently have I begun falling asleep with no lights on at all in the flat, but I usually can only get to sleep by playing a DVD from my “Friends” box set quietly in the background. I know, it’s not good.

Cover Image 2

In the Dream Box, I was sent tea from Clipper and aromatherapy from This Works. The “sleep easy” tea sounds delicious, made with cinnamon, chamomile, valerian, and other natural herbs enhanced with natural orange flavouring. The aromatherapy includes a “breathe in” pulse point roll on, made with frankincense and eucalyptus, and a pillow spray made of an infusion of oils including lavender, vetivert and camomile.

I’m hoping using these products along with the dream journal and the A-Z of the meaning of dreams book I will be able to sleep better and find out what my dreams mean.

Keep an eye out for my blog posts on mindful sleeping, I can’t wait to get started using the products and deciphering my dreams.

Sponsored by Silentnight “The Meaning of Dreams” Campaign

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