The Meaning of Dreams – Uninvited Guest and Twins

Since being part of the Silentnight’s The Meaning of Dreams campaign, I actually haven’t dreamt that much! Which is weird for me as I usually dream every single night.

I put it down to the aromatherapy from This Works that was in my Dream box. As I said in my previous blog about the campaign, I’ve always had trouble sleeping. But this aromatherapy is so good, I fall asleep instantly and stay asleep until my alarm wakes me up which is fabulous as I can finally catch up on a bit of sleep. The only downside is that I am sleeping so deeply I don’t dream or I can’t remember the dreams I do have.

I would  like to mention that when it comes to sleeping mindfully, it’s a good idea to maintain a regular sleep schedule, avoid alcohol and sleeping pills before bed, and it’s good to empty your head of daily concerns before falling asleep. It’s also best to not set an alarm if you want to remember your dreams, as I find the mornings I wake up to go to university I can’t remember my dreams at all because I was woken suddenly by an alarm.

Even though I haven’t dreamt much, I have written down two significant dreams in my dream journal. These dreams stood out to me, and after analysing them with the A-Z Dictionary of Dreams I do understand them.

The Meaning of Dreams

Uninvited Guest – 20th November 2015

A man, who I was aware worked for our estate agents, had let himself into our flat not knowing I was in there myself. I have not seen him before in real life, but I was aware of who he was. We hadn’t asked for someone to come round. I felt unsafe as he had let himself in without asking. 

This was a nightmare, which I hadn’t had before. I felt fear.

Reflecting on this dream, the intruder could mean that there is an aspect of my character which needs to be set firm personal boundaries instead of allowing others to interfere. Feeling unsafe could be the realisation that the best way to make myself feel more secure is to confront challenges by taking a calculated risk.

I understand this dream after reflecting on it and I have been feeling anxious lately so that could effect what I dream about. Also we have been having a lot of maintenance people coming in our flat as our boiler has broken, so sometimes I worry about when they are going to turn up.

Twins – 27th November 2015

I dreamt that I gave birth to twins. It was a huge surprise, and it hurt too which woke me up!

This dream made me feel joy, surprise and love, but I have had similar dreams before.

Reflecting on this dream, giving birth could mean that there is an opportunity to bring a plan into life and use it to create a new beginning even if I conceived the idea a long time ago. The twins could mean there are aspects of my character that embody how I can choose to express my characteristic qualities in 2 distinctive ways.

I do understand this dream after reflecting on it. I am nearing the end of my university course and have started to have ideas for my final year project which I am excited about as I have had the idea for a while. However, I spent yesterday with my best friend and 1 year old god-daughter, who makes me EXTREMELY broody. We also did talk about what it would be like to have twins, so this may have effected my dream.

It has been really interesting to interpret these two dreams, I can’t wait to go to bed tonight for a good nights sleep and to see what my next dream is about.

Sponsored by Silentnight’s The Meaning of Dreams Campaign. 

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