Why I Don’t Drink Fizzy Drinks

Words by Victoria Wilson

This coming August will be my 6th anniversary of zero fizzy drinks.

The Summer of 2010, a day after my birthday actually, was the day I stopped drinking fizzy drinks. I got my braces out that day and I just decided it wasn’t worth ruining my teeth over.

Over the past few years, there’s been so many videos about the ingredients in them and how it can mess with your body over time, one in particular is if you have a glass of Coca-Cola, and you leave one tooth in it, the tooth will dissolve! I didn’t like the sound of what was in the drinks, it was empty calories and to me, if a drink (excluding water of course!) has zero calories and zero sugar but still the same great taste, then you really have to question what the hell is in it.

I was never addicted. I didn’t drink a lot of fizzy drinks, I would maybe have a can of Coca-Cola once or twice a week. So to go completely cold turkey on them was really easy for me. I think I’ve only ever felt like I’ve missed them once.

When I go out to restaurants or bars, I just get water or sometimes pure orange juice. I used to feel really weird about ordering water as I don’t drink alcohol either (I made that decision about ten years ago), but now I don’t mind at all as it’s a cheap night for me. The most expensive thing for me would be getting a taxi home.

Fizzy drinks are always on the news, and everyone is always wanting to cut down or cut it out altogether, so I have a few tips.

Do your research

If you really want to stop drinking them, go and read some of the articles where it shows you what you can do with Coca-Cola for example. It can do so much; do you really want to drink something that can also clean lime scale, remove rust, and clean a toilet?

Don’t be embarrassed!

The amount of times I’ve had really weird looks from friends or even bar-staff about ordering water on a night out, although it happens a lot less now than a few years ago. There’s no need to be embarrassed about it. You are looking after your health a little more, what’s so bad about that?

It (probably) won’t be easy

It was easy for me because I didn’t drink them every day, but if you’re someone who had two or three cans a day, then yes, it’s going to be tough. But challenges are fun! If you can’t see yourself going completely cold turkey just yet, adjust it down little by little. Next time you’re out to dinner, or on your lunch break from work, grab a bottle of water instead or set yourself a goal of only having one or two a week.

You could get flavoured waters too, so you can have a little flavour instead of just plain water. I like fruit waters so I add a slice of lemon or lime to my water bottle too, so there are lots of healthier alternatives. Tea is also perfect! I’m a HUGE tea drinker so tea, tea, tea. Whether that is normal English breakfast tea or you want to expand into flavoured herbal and fruit teas, you might just forget about fizzy drinks.

Willpower will be required

If you’re serious about drinking less (or none at all) then you will need willpower. People will try and influence you, especially adverts and supermarkets with their 2 for £2 or BOGOF offers. Temptation will be everywhere. But try your best to stay strong, it’s just a drink, do you really need it right in that very moment? Will the world fall apart if you don’t get your favourite fizzy drink? No. Do you feel better after that? Probably not, but it puts it into perspective.

If you’re serious and doing it to be healthier, then go for it. If it’s just a fun little challenge, then have fun and see how long you can go for. I hope you stick with it for as long as possible!


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