Hello fresh new look…

I have been extremely lacking on this blog since February, things got extremely hectic with wedding planning and my other blog Vintage Loving Bride! Which means I am also now a Mrs! So along with my new name (Still getting used to it!) and my new hair (Hello caramel bayalage!) I also have updated my blog and given it a long needed fresh new look.

Planning a wedding was all very exciting and super time consuming, in fact I’ve only just about recovered from the big day back in July. Two months! Two whole glorious months I have been living the wife life. Since my weekends have freed up considerably I should now (theoretically…) have time to blog alongside my photography hobby, full time job and being a wife!


I now have a lush new desk and office area put together by my hubby (ah! Husband!) so I have a nice cosy space to work. I have lots of ideas for this blog as well as upping my game in the camera equipment department (bookings for Elly Rose Photography are flowing in nicely!) so I am hoping to start filming videos again soon too!

If you’d like to see what I’ve been up to recently, Vintage Loving Bride and Elly Rose Photography are the places to go as I’ve been updating them pretty frequently. Now, it’s time to make this blog great again!

IMG_8956 copy



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