Late nights to early mornings | How I became a morning person

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know I was a waitress for 6 years through college, university and almost a year after graduation. It was a lot of late nights and mix matched sleeping patterns!

It got especially hard after graduation when I begun to freelance as a Social Media and Content Manager alongside my regular shifts. Working in the evening to then get up early to work from home sure took its toll, but it’s what I needed to get me through the job search for my post-graduation job.

I landed on my feet when I was offered a full time marketing coordinator position at the beginning of this year, and with a week off between finishing both my old jobs and starting the new one I had to get my body clock around the right way and start loving mornings again!

Okay, I’m sure no one loves mornings (especially not Monday mornings!) but when you love your job it makes it a lot easier to get up out of your warm cosy bed. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a lie in on the weekends but with these little things I do it makes getting up a little bit nicer on weekdays.


Don’t snooze

I set a silent alarm on my Fitbit to wake me up gently with an alarm on my phone following on a minute later to make sure I’m awake. It’s a lot harder to get up if you go back to sleep and snooze your alarm, so when it goes off turn the light on and sit up straight away. This means you don’t get a chance to drift back off to the land of nod, just get up and go.


Take a sip

First thing I do when I wake up is drink a glass of water and pop the kettle on. The glass of water is good to kick start your metabolism, but the cup of coffee kick starts my brain! I usually have a cup of nice coffee to wake me up, but I’m trying to switch over to tea as I know too much caffeine isn’t good for me. If I do have coffee it’s usually my only cup of the day before switching to tea.


Get your game face on

One of my philosophies for life is no matter how bad it is, it’s nothing some lipstick and a good winged eyeliner can’t fix. No matter how tired you are, get up and show up! I always feel 100% better if I look my best, so grab your favourite eyeshadow palette, that gorgeous lippy and a good coat of mascara, and get your game face on! You’ll act more confident at your job if you feel more confident in yourself.

And one last thing, be prepared. Get your outfit ready the night before, pack your gym bag and put it by the front door, and get your lunch all packed up and ready to go straight from the fridge. It will make your morning a lot more organised and stress free! Now, it’s time to love getting up in the morning!

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