Christmas favourites – Beauty, Accessories & Home

Christmas is my favourite time of year! Cuddles by the fire, Christmas trees dazzling with fairy lights & gorgeously scented beauty products… Here are my favourite beauty products, accessories and homeware for the festive season. Grab a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine and then take a read!

IMG_2413 copy

Sweet Clementine and Spice Candle

I am a lover of Christmas scented candles; I would have them all year round if I could! This one from Tesco is a sweet clementine and spice fragrance, the perfect warming blend for a festive feel! This is my current candle for when I have a bubble bath, super cosy!

IMG_2416 copy

Magic Wand Bubble Bar

I love a good bubble bath (as I’m sure you all have guessed!) especially with this gorgeously sweet smelling bubble bar from lush. It smells like candy and turns the water a pretty shade of pink too! Pop it under running water, then leave it on the side to dry out and reuse with your next bath. ‘Make a wish and swish!’

IMG_2441 copy

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner
The Body Shop

I went into The Body Shop on Black Friday weekend (Hello amazing deals!) to find they had unfortunately run out of my fave seaweed toner. However, the tea tree one is the next best thing! My skin has been awful again recently, but this stuff is a great addition to my skincare routine.

IMG_2655 copy

Some Kind of Wonderful
Giovanna Fletcher

I had seen this book advertised on social media and had to buy it! I’ve heard such wonderful things about Giovanna Fletcher and wanted to give her books a try for myself, so where better to start than with the brand new release. I have only got a few chapters in, but I can’t put it down! I have read it every night when I go to bed for about a week, but I’m so tired at the moment I only last about 5 minutes before nodding off. So far so good, I will post an update when I’ve finished it!

IMG_2744 copy

Mint Lip Balm

I am usually late to the party with popular products, and nothing has changed with the EOS lip balm. I’ve seen them on the beauty blogger scene for years, but on my honeymoon I finally purchased one. This is my second one already, I use it constantly! Minty and super moisturising, this is possibly the best lip balm I’ve ever tried. Perfect for this time of year when your lips are chapped from the cold weather.

IMG_2765 copy

Mr & Mrs Mugs

Nothing is better in the winter than hot chocolate with your other half on a cold evening. These Mr & Mrs mugs from Sainsbury’s are perfect for us newlyweds and are a great nod to our first Christmas as a married couple! They also look super cute with some gingerbread perched on the side.

IMG_2705 copy

Vanilla Chai Foaming Bath
The Body Shop

Another bubble bath product, what a shocker! It’s my ideal way of relaxing after a long day, so I love finding gorgeous smelling products for it! This bath foam from The Body Shop leaves your skin softly scented with vanilla chai from warm cardamom and Madagascan vanilla extract. Absolutely divine once drizzled into a warm bath, perfect for some me time!

IMG_2738 copy

Rose Gold Jewellery
H&M, Annie Haak Designs & Marc Jacobs

This weekend I took the plunge and purchased some rose gold hooped earrings. I’ve been thinking about it for a while but never had the courage; they’re quite a statement piece for someone who has a limited wardrobe like me! After some encouragement from my Instagram followers (100% yes votes on my Instagram stories, thank you all!) I decided to wear them and fell in love! They go absolutely perfectly with my Marc Jacobs rose gold watch, and my silver and rose gold bracelets from where I work



What are your favourite products for the Christmas season? I’m also a huge fan of Heroes chocolates, but if I keep using the excuse ‘but it’s Christmas’ I will get even chubbier!

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