My top 3 places to visit

January blues have well and truly set in with February just around the corner. The post-Christmas slump and this cold weather have got me dreaming of a holiday! We’ve just booked our summer trip to Scotland, one of my favourite places in the world, and it’s got me thinking of all the places I’ve travelled to with my family and with Dean over the years.

America, Scotland and Italy have to be my top 3 favourite places I’ve travelled in the world, they are great places to create memories and have fabulous family holidays.



I’m lucky enough to have been to America twice, once to Florida when I was about 14 and then to California just before I started university. Both amazing places (both with Disney which is so fun!) but my favourite out of the two has to have been California. The food is incredible (I’m a sucker for an American diner! Breakfast at Ruby’s Diner every morning was soooo good, I’m surprised I didn’t need an extra seat on the plane home!), the weather was hot and sunny, and Disneyland was just down the road. I dream of going back to California one day, the 11 hour plane journey was worth it!



I always say my heart belongs to Scotland, with a maiden name of MacDonald it’s hard not to love the country. My Grandpa was from Glasgow, so I’ve been brought up learning about my family’s Scottish history. I love driving through the highlands, as you never know what spectacular view you’ll find around the next bend. There are stunning Scottish castles, delicious tattie scones (a traditional Scottish potato scone that is sooooo tasty with breakfast) and of course, Nessie the Loch Ness monster. I am so excited to go back this year for our second Scottish road trip, I’m taking my hubby with us to so we can show him the Scottish sights!



Italy is somewhere we’ve been 3 times over the past few years. I absolutely love Venice, Rome, Florence and Sorrento – all beautiful places! It’s something about the country: the culture, the food, the people, they’re all amazing. Dean and I went there on our honeymoon after we fell in love with the country on a family holiday to Lake Garda the year before. We visited Venice and Rome for a romantic break after our wedding. You can’t beat authentic Italian pasta, pizza and cappuccinos!


Where are your favourite places to travel? Let me know on Social Media!

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