Cold weather skin SOS

I don’t know about you, but when it’s this flipping cold outside my skin is throwing a bit of a hissy fit. I mean unless it’s the countdown to Christmas or a snow day, cold weather isn’t fun!

Having your skincare routine down is so important at any time of year, and with my oily/combination skin I do have to change it up a little bit when it gets colder.

During the day, I use L’Oreal’s HydraGenius, it’s so lightweight and silky smooth meaning it soaks into your skin really fast. It’s ideal for applying before your makeup, keeps your skin moisturised all day and doesn’t make your skin greasy.

In the evening, I remove my make up with my fave cleanser from The Body Shop. The Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter is sooooo good for removing make up, especially if you’re like me and love to experiment with eyeshadow! It’s quick and easy to use, so ideal for removing makeup after a long day.

IMG_5088 copy copy

Morning and night I use The Body Shop’s Chinese Ginseng & Rice milky toner, which is lovely and soothing. It brightens, evens and revitalises the skin, giving you that post-facial feeling every day. I got it in a set with the matching facemask for Christmas from hubby, both absolute favourites in my skincare routine.

During the winter at night I love a luxuriously thick moisturising cream. L’Oreal’s Triple Active Night Cream has been a favourite of mine for years, as it feels so luxurious on your skin especially after a facemask. A little goes a long way with this product too, meaning you get good value for money.

Lips are just as important to take care of, and I have found the best lip balm for the job. EOS lip balms are so dreamy! I have a mint and a blueberry one, keeping one next to my bed to apply before I sleep for ultra hydration. They’re quite expensive for lip balm, but my lips have never felt so soft and plump.

IMG_5086 copy

Another repeat purchase of mine that I use every morning is L’Oreal’s Pure Clay Detox Wash. The clay and charcoal combination is ideal to keep my skin mattified all day, while not drying it out. It cleanses, clarifies and detoxifies your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and clean. I also like to combine it with my facial cleansing brush for a bit of extra exfoliation every other day for really smooth skin.

What are your skincare favourites during the winter? I’d love to know!

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