Welcome to the family, Lola!

Since I last wrote, my world has become somewhat full of four-legged friends! I now work for a wonderful assistance dog charity, where pet dogs are allowed in the office so I’m surrounded at all times, and our little Lola came home a few weeks ago.

Just a warning, cute photos ahead!

As you may know, we (when I say we I mean my family, not me and Dean as we aren’t allowed pets in our flat – boo!) have had our gorgeous goldie, Ollie, for 7 years now. We felt it was about time he had a little sister to play with, so we welcomed Lola into the family a few weeks ago.

IMG_7609 edit

It’s funny, you don’t realise how different their personalities can be until you have two dogs at once. Ollie is a very submissive, quiet, gentle boy who is always up for a cuddle or a swim in the sea. Lola is a cheeky yet loving little pup who also loves a cuddle, although I’m not sure about the sea yet as she’s not old enough to go on walks quite yet! She actually makes a noise, which Ollie never really has, and will bark at her own tail or at Ollie to make him play. She will come and sit on your lap and snuggle up to you, but as soon as Ollie lies down she’s right there cuddling up to him for a nap.

IMG_8966 copy

Lola will also sit and watch TV, something that Ollie has always seemed oblivious to. I was watching Back to the Future with my sister yesterday and we caught Lola watching Doc and Marty, I also found her watching Joey and Chandler on Friends too – that’s my girl!

Since coming home with us a few weeks ago she’s been Ollie’s shadow, following him wherever he goes, playing with him and leaping on him whenever he’s ignoring her. I think Ollie deserves a medal for being so calm and patient with her, he’s taken this whole being a big brother thing in his stride!

Our hearts feel so full of love and I’m telling you now, there is no better feeling than cuddling two golden retrievers at once. Welcome home, Lolabear.

IMG_8907 2 copy.jpg

Watch Lola’s first weekend at home!

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