Saying goodbye to our first home

So comes the end of living in our first home together. With rent on the rise and the place feeling smaller by the day, we knew it was time to get somewhere bigger and hopefully somewhere to call our own.

Renting has been a mixture of loving having our own place yet hating the fact we have to stick to magnolia walls, patterned blinds and the worry of damaging things looming over our heads every time we accidently bash a wall. When we had the chance to buy a two-bedroom new build apartment, we jumped at it.

Now we have started packing, I realise we have way too many things for a one bedroom flat. How does it all fit in here?? I can’t wait for the luxury of three, yes THREE, cupboards in the new apartment. We have started selling things we don’t use anymore so we can start all fresh and new, which is easy when you’ve got a blank canvas to start with so this is our chance!

Our new place isn’t ready until November as it’s still being built, so for a few months we’re moving in with my family to save on rent as our contract is up at the beginning of the month. I’m looking forward to being with my family again and we are so grateful that they’ve given us somewhere to crash, adding up the bills we are saving by doing so makes you realise how expensive life is.

We are moving out next week, with a week to spare to tidy the place up a bit before we hand back the keys, but we have only just started packing! You know what I’m like, little Miss Organised, so this is totally stressing me out that we’ve only packed one box so far. How can two people have so many things? We’ve only been here three years and it amazes me that we’ve accumulated so much stuff. You don’t realise until you have a week to pack it all!

So, it’s so long to our first home in Emsworth. The last three years in your walls have brought us many happy memories, like becoming husband and wife. But now it’s time to make new memories in a place that is ours. A place that is big enough we can grow into it. A place with so much space we can have all the family around at once. A place we can make our home.

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