We moved house!

I have been seriously MIA since the end of last year, and that’s because we moved house at the end of November!

Christmas came around pretty quickly after we moved and it’s been a busy start to the year, so I thought it was about time I uploaded our moving house vlog.

I hope you enjoy it! (Excuse my tired, makeup-less face the morning after we moved – it was a long weekend of moving!)

For the first time ever, I filmed this whole video on my iPhone 8 Plus – usually I use my DSLR, so I’m actually pretty impressed with the quality of this video! It might mean when we go on holiday to NYC and Washington DC later this year I can vlog using my phone, which would be great! Although I’d still take my camera with me too, as I can’t go anywhere without taking photos.

I’m also hoping now things have settled down after the move I’ll be able to get back into filming beauty related videos and writing more blogs again. We’ve almost finished our new place, but a few things have got in the way this year so we’ve had to put our plans on hold for a while. When everything is perfect I think I’ll film a tour – but for now our spare room is still a mess so I think it can wait!

While I get back into the swing of writing and filming, why not follow me on Instagram?www.instagram.com/ellyrose17/

DISCLAIMER: All views are my own. Nothing in this video is an ad.

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