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Elly is a tattooed coffee and shoe addict, excited bride-to-be, and lover of all things vintage.


Growing up on the South coast of England, Elly has always known a career in media is the way forward. She started blogging in 2013, when she started her BA Journalism degree at the beautiful University of Winchester.

Lover of all things health and beauty related, she knows what brands and products are on trend in the world of cosmetics. But when she’s not playing around with words, Elly can be found re-watching Friends, at the gym, or in the kitchen making something delicious.

Disclaimer: All views are my own. Blogging is a hobby of mine, I do not make any profit from this blog. I buy my own products to use on my website unless otherwise stated. All sponsored posts will be declared.  Any health and fitness tips are from my experience, I am in no way qualified they are just things that have worked for me personally.



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