We moved house!

I have been seriously MIA since the end of last year, and that's because we moved house at the end of November! Christmas came around pretty quickly after we moved and it's been a busy start to the year, so I thought it was about time I uploaded our moving house vlog. I hope you … Continue reading We moved house!

Festive bubble baths

As you all know, I love a bubble bath. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind from a busy day, especially if there are candles and a hot chocolate involved too. My two favourite shops during the festive season have to be Lush and The Body Shop. They always sell the perfect Christmas scents … Continue reading Festive bubble baths

An open letter to my 15 year old self | Mental Health Talk

Dear 15 year old me, Now that 9 years have passed and I feel older and wiser, I wish that you could see what I see. It must be about the time you were diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder. Your life will be filled with psychiatric nurses and therapists. I remember so vividly the … Continue reading An open letter to my 15 year old self | Mental Health Talk

At home pamper day

After working seven days straight following on from moving house last weekend, I was desperate for a few days off to relax and recharge a bit. I always say how important self-care is and today was my day to just chill out and put myself first. Today was the perfect opportunity for a bit of … Continue reading At home pamper day

Saying goodbye to our first home

So comes the end of living in our first home together. With rent on the rise and the place feeling smaller by the day, we knew it was time to get somewhere bigger and hopefully somewhere to call our own. Renting has been a mixture of loving having our own place yet hating the fact … Continue reading Saying goodbye to our first home

Living with anxiety disorder | Mental Health Talk

I have written this blog so many times over the past few months but keep thinking it’s not good enough or doesn’t explain what I want to say very well - yay for anxiety brain! But today I thought ‘Screw it, my followers know me and they know what I’ve been through so I’m just … Continue reading Living with anxiety disorder | Mental Health Talk